CAN -Phantom Immobilser


The Can Phantom is the latest weapon against car thieves. The retrofit immobiliser system can only be disarmed when a PIN code, unique to the vehicle, has been input. Without that code, the vehicle’s engine will not start. This works against all types of theft, including keyless.

It is called ‘phantom’ because that it cannot be detected – and therefore removed or disarmed – by thieves’ usual array of diagnostic tools, which means that it even protects against keyless thefts. It is hidden in the wiring loom of a vehicle, where it looks like a regular automotive part, so cannot be found.

Each vehicle is given its own unique security code, which can be typed into the vehicle. If that code is forgotten, there is also a unique and secure that can be used.

Installing devices such as a Can-Phantom can also help to bring your insurance premiums down. Insurers look favourably on anybody who takes additional steps to protect their vehicle from theft.



Visit Our Dedicated Can phantom page HERE for more information!


Once you purchase this product one of our engineers will call you to arrange a date for fitting please make sure you include your phone number in the delivery notes!



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